Authors Area

Slides and Presentation Submission

You have to submit both your presentation (MP4) and the slides (PDF). To do so, you have to go to the “My Submissions” tab on linklings and select the “Stage 4: Submit the next stage” link. Once this stage is submitted, you’ll need to go back to this “My Submissions” tab and will find an upload link for the video. It’s done this way due to the increased size limit for videos.

Camera Ready

Deadline: July 6, 2022

The authors will be expected to complete their ACM eRights forms and then to submit and approve the output (PDF and HTML) generated by The ACM Production System (TAPS). To this end, authors are asked to whitelist Moreover, emails regarding the management of rights will be automatically sent from Please, once again, ensure you have this address whitelisted to avoid having any information sent to your spam folder which could prevent your article from being published.

Please note that the number of free pages has been extended for the camera ready version in order to provide space to address your response to the rebuttal without shrinking your article disproportionately. The number of free pages has been increased to 11 pages (with still the possibility to buy 2 more pages at $100 per page).

Finally, after completing the rights management form, authors will be emailed a copy of the form and the unique rights management text for their paper. We highly recommend that the lead author check the information in the ACM e-Rights Grid (or the article/author information on the e-Rights Form) to ensure that the title, authors, and email address are accurate. As the completed forms are a contract between ACM and the authors, they must have the correct information within the form before they can publish the article. You will start receiving your processing instructions about 6-12 hours after completing your rights forms.

Please note that there are two different instructions for Word and LaTeX template users available at Questions regarding the ACM authoring templates MUST be referred to the ACM TeX support team at Aptara, at