icpp-logo 51st International Conference on Parallel Processing

August 29th to Sept 1st, 2022.

Welcome to the website of the International Conference on Parallel Processing 2022.

The ICPP proceedings of the main conference and the workshops are online.

The Best Paper awards are awarded to:

  • Adaptive and Efficient GPU Time Sharing for Hyperparameter Tuning in Cloud
    Liu Liu, Jian Yu and Zhijun Ding
  • BWA-MEM-SCALE: Accelerating Genome Sequence Mapping on Commodity Servers
    Changdae Kim, Kwangwon Koh, Taehoon Kim, Daegyu Han and Jiwon Seo
  • Online Scheduling of Moldable Task Graphs under Common Speedup Models
    Anne Benoit, Lucas Perotin, Yves Robert and Hongyang Sun

This year's Test of Time Award celebrate Beowulf Clusters:, through the ICPP'95 paper Becker, Donald J; Sterling, Thomas; Savarese, Daniel; Dorband, John E; Ranawak, Udaya A; Packer, Charles V . BEOWULF: A parallel workstation for scientific computation.

Important Deadlines (AOE)
Abstract Submission April 8, 2022 April 14, 2022
Paper Submission April 14, 2022 April 22, 2022
Author Response Period May 31 - June 2, 2022 June 1 - June 3, 2022
Author Notification June 14, 2022 June 15 or June 16, 2022
Poster Submission June 27, 2022
Camera Ready July 3, 2022 July 6, 2022
Poster Notification July 11, 2022
Latest Updates
June 23, 2022 ICPP will be held virtually
June 13, 2022 Call for work already published
Mai 20, 2022 Call for posters
April 29, 2022 Workshops
February 16, 2022 Call for papers
October 20, 2021 Website is live

Conference Online.

We are extremely sad to announce that despite our best effort, ICPP will be held virtually. This was a really tough decision. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible experience, and we initially wanted to have this 51st ICPP in hybrid mode and, in turn, bookend the 50th year of ICPP. However, the COVID-19 crisis is not over and the security and well-being of the attendees and the organization staff is our first priority. In the end, we took a conservative decision that considered multiple factors: (1) the recent rise in COVID-19 variants in France, (2) COVID-19 feedback from recent European conferences that were held in hybrid mode, (3) authors from participating countries still under travel restrictions or lockdown, and (4) changes in the hosting organization processes following the COVID-19 crisis that have impaired our ability to manage the whole ICPP logistics.

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